Self-publishing vs …

A recent post on this blog regarding the traditional publishing industry took some feedback open to dialogue.

Information published through the self-publishing advice blog comes from various sources including published statistics, author experience, key industry opinion, and partially through the experience of the blog’s author, who has first-hand experience as an author with traditional and self-publishing options.

We may appear to some to be, as Laura Miller puts it, among the crowds lining up to dance on the grave of traditional publishing.

Miller goes on to make this statement, which comprises much of the content and philosophy behind this blog: “Aspiring authors have never had more or better options for self-publishing the manuscripts currently gathering dust in their desk drawers or sleeping in seldom-visited corners of their hard drives.”

Her opinion does not suggest a polemic. Rather, it poses the hypothetical in the circus of a rapidly changing industry. It’s no longer apples to apples.

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