Self-publishing News: Amazon & State of Colorado

News has surfaced regarding recent legislation involving the state of Colorado and internet retailer,

Amazon is no stranger to moves like this, which along with the recently thwarted attempt to monopolize the sale of on-demand books through their printers, can be of concern to the rapidly growing self-publishing industry. For all those published and currently publishing authors, self or otherwise, this will have no impact at all on your book pricing and availability.

Have fun and keep writing.

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One thought on “Self-publishing News: Amazon & State of Colorado

  1. I’m a Colorado Amazon Associate sickened by this whole fiasco with the cancellation of the accounts of Colorado Associates. But contrary to the claims of many on the left, Amazon is NOT to blame.

    The Colorado government — our legislators and governor — created this mess by its imposition of an “Amazon Tax” with HB 1193. Given its Colorado-based affiliates, that law would have crippled Amazon with an onerous and expensive confusion of red tape, plus a crazy patchwork of local taxes. To extricate itself from that mess, Amazon had to terminate the Affiliate Program.

    For further reading on this issue, visit my super-quick web site:

    If you want to help pressure the Colorado legislature to repeal this awful law, please join the low-volume e-mail list, NoAmazonTax:

    Please spread the word!

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