Self Published Book Review of the Week: Hesitating at the Gate

Layout 1Hesitating at the Gate: Reflections on Aging

by Ann Tudor

This author submitted the following recent review for her book:

In this collection of wry essays and poems, Ann Tudor says things about aging that no one else is saying. She offers insights, though no solutions. What she gives us, in her unique voice, is not inspirational writing about growing old. Instead, the word “subversive” comes to mind. You might laugh or you might cry, but you will certainly have a different view of aging after reading this little book.

You might try to read it in small bites, one essay at a time, but you’ll find it hard to stop reading once you’ve started. The second time around you can read it more slowly and savor each clever, pithy phrase.

Perhaps the prospect of the Land of Old scares you. Well, it won’t be nearly as lonely and frightening when you approach it in the company of this unorthodox author, whose frank response to the aging process will make you grin (and then grimace) with recognition.

Anyone who has ever grown old, who is currently growing older, or who suspects that growing older is in his/her future will want to read this book—and then buy additional copies to share with friends.

Visit, where you will be able to read one of the essays and learn about Ann Tudor’s other work.

TO ORDER: Order through (using PayPal) or email the author at

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