Self-publishing and Your Blog

When it comes to writing a book, nothing necessitates production like demand. Whether that demand is real or imaginary is irrelevant when it comes to motivation. Of course, “real” demand is certainly better in terms of promotion and readership. But “imaginary” demand also accomplishes the same goal — incentive for you to write a certain amount within a certain period of time.

You’ve found this blog. Do you have one and would like to share? If note, think about starting one.  Short for web-log, blogs are online diaries that allow you to post content quickly and conveniently for the world to see. Each blog posting is time-stamped with the date and time of your entry. Other readers can post comments to your blog if you allow them to.

Blogs that are updated consistently and frequently are more popular than those that languish. There’s your demand. If you want a blog with “buzz” you will find yourself motivated to add to it every day. Even if you’re only adding a paragraph with every posting — those entries add up.  Keeping ahead of your public’s expectations is a great motivator to write!

– Karl Schroeder

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