Self-Published Book Review of the Week: Pajama School

banner250400Natalie Wickham submitted the following review she received for her self-published book. Here is the link to review online:

Pajama School is the autobiographical journey of Natalie Wickham, a homeschool graduate who chronicles her journey through honest, vivid, and candid stories.

While chronicling her journey, Wickham provides a strong message that God’s plan for her family far surpassed what her parents could ever have planned for their children. As she willingly tells all, Wickham discloses the reality of her educational experience and its relationship to the many challenges she faced growing up.

She illustrates how God took her classmates (her sisters) and transformed their relationship into that of best friends. She expresses the highs and lows of switching churches, finding a curriculum, living with an ailing grandmother, living with a sister with a disability, mending relationships with family members (including her father), and surviving terrible tragedy.

And as she tells her stories of being homeschooled, she seems to be expressing thanks to her mother, father, and sisters who made her journey more complete.

One of my favorite passages in the book is this:

“That’s what the world of homeschooling is like. It stretches far beyond the boundaries of a single family, a community, or one local church. It is comprised of all sorts of people, from varied backgrounds and different walks of life, but who are united in a common goal – to take seriously the upbringing of their children and provide them with the best education possible. That will mean different things for different people. But that’s the beauty of homeschooling. Stereotyped as we may be, no two homeschool families are exactly alike. A peek into any homeschool will quickly reveal that. But still, there persists a familial bond of sorts as we are brought together as part of a bigger community for events such as these.” (p.57)

Wickham’s book is entertaining, but more importantly, it is a ministry. As she expresses in her own words, “Homeschooling has prepared me for a life of learning, because one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is that true education is not limited to the walls of a classroom. True education takes place every day as I learn from the expertise and experience of those whom God has placed in my life. This understanding is what has helped me learn and grow, even through the difficult life lessons that God has allowed me to experience.” (p.204)

Pajama School is a delightful book that I would recommend to anyone, not just a homeschooler.

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