Self-Published Book Review of the Week: The Edge: How to Find and Balance Yourself in an Unbalanced World

The Edge: How to Find and Balance Yourself in an Unbalanced World

by T.D. Kruser

This self-published book was recently reviewed by

I have had the opportunity to read and review many self-help books, but I must say that I found the author’s writing to be very informative and inspiring. He covers many topics from spirituality, to society and the world. I found his directness and honesty very sincere.

Some of the interesting points I found were his thoughts on past failures. He asks how much we need to continue delving on this. He continues to say that often we are afraid we will repeat past mistakes.He requests that we don’t let this happen and learn to take risks, from each mistake we make we learn.

In the chapter “On Other Philosophical Matters,” the author talks about people who confuse having a sense of low self-esteem with feeling out of place or just not knowing himself or herself very well. It is important that we learn to know ourselves, prioritize our goals and values. He also states that this is not uncommon- many of us do not know what we want out of life and what we should be doing.

In “Societal Matters: On Society and the World” he provides readers with “A pronounced societal trend has been an overall degradation in the amount of empathy and respect shown toward other people.” Regardless of our views of others, we should keep an open mind, and listen to what others say or believe. We as a society tend to act aggressively toward those who do not share the same beliefs we have. In addition, we are more worried about our “self” than we are for the good of the community.

Throughout the book he has placed many poems that address the issues he discusses. He also provides some blurbs or words of wisdom to make us think about who we are, what we want and how we treat others.

I enjoyed “The Edge” by T.D. Kruser very much. The author addresses many issues that we confront on a daily basis.

For more information or to order the book, visit the author’s webpage:

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