Self-publishing and Book Rights

I was recently consulting with an author in a transition from one self-publisher to another in order to take advantage of greater distribution and better book pricing. In doing so I wanted to review the initial publisher’s contract.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter the competing publisher sent to him:

“While Section Six (6) of your Publishing Agreements states, ‘If I cancel, will have the non-exclusive right to produce, market, and sell my Title for one year following receipt of my cancellation notice,” has chosen not to exercise this right.”

What’s the catch? They maintain the right to sell your book without paying you, but then they tell you it’s not good enough to do that.

It’s clear that this publisher had no intention of generating revenue from any book’s sales, regardless of market potential. No wonder there book prices were sky high – they make their money selling services and then books back to their authors.

The good news is that there are strong, full service self-publishers out there that keep 100% books rights where they belong – with authors.

Keep the pens rolling and the fingers punching.

– Karl Schroeder

One thought on “Self-publishing and Book Rights

  1. I had the same scenario with one of my books again. I appreciate the explanation and will spread this post since I know some people who want to self-publish or are wanting a different self-publisher.

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