More Writing on the Road to Self-Publishing

We’ve been discussing the benefits of the Internet in writing and self publishing, and even promoting your book as Kelly mentioned on Monday.

The fact is, the Internet appeals to instant gratification—in a good way. There is something empowering about being able to compose an original story, or the start of a new novel, and upload it for a virtually unlimited audience to see within minutes.

It is important to play that card smartly though. Here are some notes for consideration.

Be sure to upload your writing in an appropriate forum, preferably in a place where it will provide long-term promotion assistance down the road and where you trust the people to provide worthwhile feedback, rather than pilfering your ideas for their own.

Writing online is no easier than writing offline. In fact, it may seem harder at first. But trust me; the extra effort is worth it later on.

If you are seeking instant feedback on your writing from other people, I would suggest participating in online writing groups and forums. Yahoo offers “Groups” specific to a wide array of writing subjects. You can access the Groups section by going to the Yahoo main page at

Google offers groups also, and you can find them on the Groups link on Google at

By conducting a subject or category search from either of these venues you can find a number of possible groups in which to participate.

I recommend you spend some time exploring Yahoo and Google groups. Register for an account with the one you like best. Don’t necessarily start writing online yet. That comes later. Instead, just look around and become familiar with the “environment.” It may be foreign to you at first.

Have fun and keep writing!


Karl Schroeder

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