More on Getting your Self Published Book Reviewed

It’s no secret that getting great book reviews posted on Amazon is something you want to accomplish. But how do you do that?

You need a network of people willing to read your book and write a positive review. This requires a mailing list.

Fortunately, self-publishing advocate Dan Poynter already has such a network, and you can take advantage of it completely free. It’s called his Marketplace Newsletter, and you can post a “Review Request” in his newsletter, which is sent out to thousands and thousands of people.

IF YOU WANT YOUR BOOK REVIEWED on, B&, etc, you must be willing to send a book and promotional materials (review-book package) to readers of Publishing Poynters Marketplace who contact you.

Send your request and description to

Draft your request so that Dan does not have to edit it. Make it SHORT (100 words max), no italics or bold type. Describe the book in a few words; do not send a lengthy review of it. Lengthy submissions will be returned for rewriting or ruthlessly cut.  Put “Review Wanted” in the subject line.

Reviewers only need enough information to see if they have expertise and an interest in your category. Supply full contact information including your email address so interested readers can contact you for a free review copy.  Be responsive to those indicating an interest in reviewing your book by sending them a copy and a sales sheet.

Good luck and have fun!
Kelly Schuknecht

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