Self-Published Book Review of the Week: The Heroes of Googley Woogley

The Heroes of Googley Woogley

by Dalton James

This self-published book was recently reviewed by

“The Heroes of Googley Woogley” is a creative book written and illustrated by seven-year-old Dalton James. The book tells the story of a boy and his father going off to space to help the people of the rectangle-shaped plant of Googley Woogley.  Cayden: “I liked that a kid wrote this book and drew the pictures. He colors and stays in the lines good like me. I liked the pictures of the SooDos and the SooDonts. My favorite part was when the bad guys got stuck. That was funny! This was a good story.”

Parent’s comments:
We found “The Heroes of Googley Woogley” to be an interesting and fun book. I love the fact that it was created by a child! I hope that Dalton James continues to follow his dreams and produce more work in the future.

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