The Benefits of Self-Publishing

Many aspiring authors find themselves debating whether they should self-publish or attempt traditional publishing. While both methods have pros and cons, there are many benefits to self-publishing. Here are the most common benefits of this growing publishing trend.

  • You have freedom of expression — you write your own words. You don’t have to change what you’ve written to please an editor, agent, or commercial audience.
  • You control how your book looks — everything from the cover to the interior formatting is in your hands.
  • You set your own price it can be as low or as high as you would like.
  • You receive 100% of your royalties — there’s no middleman stealing your profits, so you earn more per book than you would with traditional publishing.
  • You can review your  interior and cover proofs before publishing — if you misuse spaces or hard returns in your manuscript, it may mess up the layout of your book. However, you have the opportunity to review your proofs for these issues before they are sent to the printer.

It wouldn’t be fair to share the benefits of self-publishing without also discussing the potential downfalls. Here are some of the cons of this publishing option.

  • No one critiques your manuscript — how can you be sure your book is interesting and complete? If you want someone else’s opinion, you will need to hire a professional.
  • You don’t have to edit your manuscript — a messy manuscript turns into a poorly written book that very few people (if any) will want to read. Too many self-published authors choose not to pay for editing because it isn’t required. However, if you want your book to be taken seriously, a professional editor is worth every penny.
  • You control your book’s design — this is great if you’re a designer but not so great if you have limited graphic skills. Depending on your limitations and the complexity of your book, you may need to hire a designer or illustrator.

If you are a self-published author, I’d love to know what made you choose self-publishing. Feel free to share your stories in the comments section.

Cheri Breeding ABOUT CHERI BREEDING: Since 2005 Cheri Breeding has been working as the Director of Production for Outskirts Press. In that time, she has been an instrumental component of every aspect of the Production Department, performing the roles of an Author Representative, Book Designer, Customer Service Representative, Title Production Supervisor, Production Manager and, Director of Production. She brings all that experience and knowledge, along with an unparalleled customer-service focus, to help self-publishing authors reach high-quality book publication more efficiently, professionally, and affordably.