Why Business people Need to Publish a Book

professionals benefit from having a published book
Most professionals benefit by having a published book

Certain professions need to be published. This list of professions can go on forever: entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, journalists, consultants, self-help experts, freelancers, and so on.

Even if you’re not on this list, read on to evaluate whether publishing a book is suitable for your profession. After all, publishing a book can contribute a lot to your career.

For the typical professional, it’s easier than ever to publish a book. Self-publishing and eBook publishing are both viable. You can release your book without waiting years for publication, keep control of your vision for your book, publish in both physical and digital formats, and retain a larger share of the loyalties.

In any profession, a book can serve as your best form of marketing, working better than any business card. A card can be easily thrown away, but a book can remain on your reader’s bookshelf forever.

Any reader who picks up your book becomes a prospective client, attracting attention and increasing your reach and visibility. Your book’s content can also testify to your authority, credibility, and professional expertise. On top of that, it extends your brand by giving you another avenue through which you express and practice your profession.

Finally, a reader-turned-client is more informed about your goods and services, improving the experience for all parties. Of course, any good professional can explain what she does, but having a book do the explaining is neat too.

For another example, take public speaking. If you speak for a living, you must have a book.

You can publish a book as the companion guide to everything you address on stage. It allows you to expand on topics you cannot discuss at length during your speech, and audience members who buy your book on the way out have another way of expanding on what they learned from your speech.

It’s also wise from the standpoint of marketing. Your speeches will promote your book, and your book, in turn, will open up more speaking gigs: a positive feedback loop.

A book can serve as the linchpin for your online content strategy. If you put in the work, you can increase the opportunity of your book snagging that blue-chip client, sparking word of mouth, or even garnering media attention, reaping a stream of new customers for you.

So, how do you sell your book after you publish it? First, consider giving your book a strong presence on LinkedIn. If you’re a professional, you’re likely already using LinkedIn, so why not get more mileage from a platform you’re already leveraging?

Your book gives you another reason to post regularly on LinkedIn, especially if you’re prone to leaving LinkedIn alone for months. To fuel your posting, you can repurpose content from your book as LinkedIn content. Alongside the standard post, LinkedIn has features to publish an article or create a newsletter. In addition, you can include a call to action to check out your book or begin a conversation with you in these various forms.

This also applies to other social media platforms. For example, you could tweet quotes and excerpts on Twitter. You can create short videos for Instagram or microposts for Facebook. You can even launch a blog or newsletter. The same platform may vary (as any of the previously mentioned platforms may not exist in a few years), but as a medium, the book will remain.

You can also bundle the book as part of your product, increasing its value for your customer. This is especially effective for digital products, where you can toss in an eBook at no extra cost. So while you may give up a potential sale, it’s a worthwhile trade if your primary product sells for significantly more than your book’s sale price.

Marketing aside, a book is another nifty format for your work, depending on your profession. If you’re a lawyer, you can teach the basics of law without having to sit a prospective client down. If you’re a consultant, a book can be a solid alternative for any client who’s unable to book an appointment with you. The possibilities are endless.

And above all, there’s always the chance that you will start writing a book and find publishing to be your calling. As beneficial as the promotional aspect of a book is, a book is also an opportunity to express your thoughts, work, and love of your craft.

Many professional authors start in different professions before making writing their full-time vocation. So now, don’t rush to quit your day job, but do know the act of writing can lead you down a rabbit hole of authoring.

No matter how you’d leverage a book, know there’s an exciting business world full of books. So will you write the next one?

Over to you: What are some of your favorite examples of professionals who’ve published books? How has your book served your career if you’re a professional who’s published a book?

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