10 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

When you envision your dream writing life, you probably picture yourself somewhere peaceful like a park or a coffee shop, filled with inspiration and steadily writing away. But this is not the reality for most writers. No, most of us often find ourselves staring at a blank screen or page with no idea where to begin. Most of us struggle to accomplish our writing goals because we have writer’s block, but don’t worry. There are plenty of easy ways to overcome this writing obstacle. Here are the top ten.

1. Don’t strive for perfection, yet.

First drafts don’t have to be perfect. In the beginning, don’t worry about writing the perfect story, book, or poem. Don’t even worry about grammar and spelling. For now, just write.

2. Always be prepared.

You never know when inspiration will strike, so always be prepared to write. Keep a notebook and pen with you or download an app that let’s you jot down your thoughts.

3. Get some exercise.

I am giving you permission to walk away from your writing and do something physical. You’ll come back refreshed and you may even get some great ideas while you are working out. Often, the best ideas come when we aren’t trying to think of them.

4. Write out of order.

Who says you have to start your project at the beginning? If you are stuck on how to begin, jump to the middle or write the ending first.

5. Change your scenery.

Take your laptop or notebook and write somewhere different. Go to a park, coffee shop, the mall, your front yard, anywhere but where you normally write. You’ll be amazed at how a change in scenery can inspire you.

6. Let other artist inspire you.

Listen to music. Read some poetry. Visit an art gallery. Watch a movie. Let the work of others inspire you.

7. Take a nap.

I know you can’t write while you are sleeping, but every writer needs a little time to relax. Plus, you never know what ideas might appear in your dreams.

8. Try something new.

Novelty can spark inspiration. Take a class or go on a trip. Read a book in a genre you usually don’t read. Order an unusual food. These new experiences can bring new life to your writing.

9. Brainstorm.

Instead of trying to write an entire scene or poem, just jot down ideas as they pop in your head. You could make lists, a diagram, or just random notes.

10. Take a break.

It is okay to put a project away for a few days or weeks and come back to it.

I’d love to know, how do you overcome writer’s block?

ABOUT KELLY SCHUKNECHT: Kelly Schuknecht is the Vice President of Outskirts Press. In addition to her contributions to the Outskirts Press blog at blog.outskirtspress.com, Kelly and a group of talented marketing experts offer book marketing services, support, and products to not only published Outskirts Press authors, but to all authors and professionals who are interested in marketing their books and/or careers. Learn more about Kelly on her blog at http://kellyschuknecht.com.

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