Should authors thank reviewers for reviewing their book?

What do you do when you receive a good review for your book?  Do you thank the reviewer?

Authors often ask me if this is something they should do.  Most reviewers don’t write reviews for anything in return, so they wouldn’t be surprised by not receiving anything in return.  However, if you really appreciated their review and want to take them by surprise, thank them.

I recently reviewed Blue Boy by Rakesh Satyal.  Just like the other 40 or so books I have reviewed on Amazon, I didn’t expect any thank you or acknowledgement from the author.  But to my surprise, a few days later, I received this message on my Facebook account:

Was I surprised?  Absolutely!  The personal thank you from the author made me feel a connection with him.  I’m glad I read the book and I’m glad I wrote a review.  If Satyal publishes another book someday, you can be sure I will read and review it!  That is the power of connecting with your readers.

DISCUSSION: Do you typically thank readers for reviewing your book?  If so, how do you do it?

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7 thoughts on “Should authors thank reviewers for reviewing their book?

  1. I am only published since April and this week received by first review. I thanked the reviewer by
    e-mail. I would like to have the problem of being reviewed so often that I simply haven’t the time to thank everyone, but right now I do, so, I do.

  2. I have had three books published by Outskirts Press, Many Lands Many Hearts -More than a Memoir, and two travel mysteries, Sentimental Me , Canyons of the Soul, and a third in the series,Broken Spirit is ready for publication. I aprrecieted a review and express my thanks even it it sometimes is not a 4 or 5 star. There is always something to learn from the critque.

  3. Thanking a reviewer is a definite yes. This simply means you are considering what other people might say about your book, whether it is negative or positive. Thanking a reviewer would make them feel like their reviews are never wasted. This will in fact offer greater advantage since reviews are actually meant for writers to know.

    1. I have replied to every reviewer who has posted a review of my book IN Small Measures on Amazon, and have posted comments in my guest book on my website
      While most of these have been positive I have still acknowledged those not so positive. I feel if someone takes the trouble to read my book and post a comment they deserve an acknowledgement. No one can expect everyone to like a particular book, but an answer is just plain good manners.

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