Why Should a Self-Publishing Author Build a BRAND that has SWAG?

As a self-publishing author, you have to constantly work on both building and maintaining a BRAND that has SWAG. If you’re missing the mark, you may not be tapping your audience. Success as an author depends not only on writing a quality book (which is VERY important) but also how you are able to connect with your audience.

What’s in a BRAND? It’s more than a name. It’s your identity. It’s how the public views you. It stands for:

B oldness (You have to be able to say things others are afraid to.)

R elevance (Are you talking about the things your audience wants to hear about?)

A nd

N otable (Are you saying things that are “newsworthy”?)

D edication (Are you dedicated to yourself and your audience?)

What is SWAG? This isn’t the SWAG that normally comes to mind. This is SWAG:

S ophisticated (Are you offering high-quality content? Big tip: proofreading is important.)

W orthy (Are you doing anything to deserve the notoriety you’re seeking?)

A nd

G rateful (Are you appreciative for your audience?)

The above checklist will likely prove helpful when determining if you are relevant to the community. As a self-publishing author, checking your BRAND for SWAG will be paramount to success — especially in the online space.

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