Bing(go) goes social networking: Self-publishing authors prepare

Whether your a social media wiz or, as many to some extent (including myself), have some level of apprehension with this “change,” there is no question that self-publishing authors who tackle things head on generally experience much greater book sales.

Social Media is here to stay, and regardless of your industry, creates a platform where businesses and consumers can relate on an increasingly flat field in what is becoming known as the “Attention Age.”

News flash: Social Media is here to stay.

More relevant news flash: Kleiner’s Bing Gordon is set to launch a $250 M “social media’ effort. Yep, 250 million, to include Facebook, Zynga, Amazon, Comcast, Liberty Media and Allen & Company. Here are some more details about what each partner company will be doing, from the press release.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) will provide AWS Getting-Started Support for one year, priority access to worldwide Startup Events, and dedicated business and technical support.
  • Facebook will contribute access to its platform teams, beta APIs, and new programs, like Facebook Credits.
  • Zynga will host periodic sessions with sFund companies to focus on management and technical development, including open source collaboration.
  • Comcast Interactive Capital, Comcast’s venture fund, will provide access to Comcast’s resources, teams, and relationships.

Here is some social media fun for you as you prepare your book marketing campaign…

@scottymonte, social media strategist @Ford

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