Scheduling Book Signings in your Area

Scheduling book readings and signings for your book is a great platform upon which to launch your marketing campaign. As with many things “self”, self-published book authors will need to do a bit of leg-work upfront organizing those efforts. The same is true for all authors, regardless of when or how you published.

It’s never too early to start. (Marketing for late American novelist’s new book, Pale King, has already begun, even though the release date isn’t scheduled until April 2011.)

Tip: Start Local and start independent. Check to locate stores in your area. Talk to store buyers about their general qualifications for stocking and scheduling, and then with your self-publishing service provider about lining those up during the pre-production phase of your book.

Here is a list of independent bookstores from in my neighborhood.

Indie Bound Store Locator Tool

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