Book Copy Values & Pricing in Self-publishing

The royalty percentages your publisher pays on retail is an important, somewhat complicated, and too often overlooked consideration when selecting among the many self-publishing service providers available.

Royalties are only one of many pricing considerations to make during the production and book pricing phase. Examine also whether or not you earn a royalty on copies of your book that you buy directly.

Here is where many self-publishing companies play the smoke and mirror game.

“How great is this!?! We’ll even pay you royalties on copies you buy directly!”

Sounds good – getting money from yourself on books you buy for your yourself. Wait…

Here is my advice:  Always calculate the exact dollars and cents it is costing you to buy your book, and if you receive a royalty for it, simply include that amount in the calculation.  Book publishing the right way requires some math. A good publisher will offer a variety of resources for you, including a dynamic pricing calculator and personal book publishing representative to help explain those pricing specifics.

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