You can’t judge a book by its cover

Ah, but you have judged many a book by its cover, and will again. So, too, will readers considering purchasing your book whether in the brick & mortar store or online at sites like Amazon. This is a great opportunity for self-publishing authors.

We discussed recently the important of well written sales copy for your book’s back cover. Let’s flip it around. Literally. Your book’s cover is one of the singe most important elements in generating sales, especially online and before reader interest grows virally.

A book has around 3 seconds to gain a reader’s or buyer’s interest. That dynamic is becoming increasingly more important as the number of books published each year continues its staggering growth. Quality, custom cover design should be a top priority for any self-publishing author. Many self publishing services actually require authors to submit or create their own designs from generic templates. Your writing most likely didn’t come from a template, and neither should your cover. And the reality is, many writers are not necessarily experienced designers. When research publishing options for your book, make sure yours offers the custom cover design options that give your book the strongest head-start possible in finding reader’s hands.
Then, begin recruiting judges.

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