Self-published Book Review of the Week: Of Lights in the Night

Of Lights in the Night

Of Lights in the Night; Friends and Adventure
Sean Noonan
9781432752897, $11.95

“Of Lights in the Night; Friends and Adventure” is a delightful fantasy adventure chapter book written for readers ages 4-8 and up. It is about a brother and sister Elannah and Sam and their dwarf friend Arnold, who meet in their secret Tree-House in the Jungle when they sleep and dream. They excitedly fly forth on flying bikes to see Rodger the Badger, in search of magical fireworks. They end up with the Great Wizard Grumphspawn in the Great Northern Mountains, where they experience the seven assorted sensations, the Goblin Racer, the Highlander’s Delight, the Jolly Jester, the King’s Coronation Ball, the Long Light Liberation, the Parrots, Pirates and Pancakes Piratical Pyrotechnics; and lastly the Troll’s Totally Terribly Triumphant Toothy Tongue Tingler. As might be surmised, there is not a dull moment on any page. Best of all, as morning approaches, Elannah and Sam say goodbye to their new friends, promising to return for more adventures. Black and white illustrations drawn by the author’s 6-year-old daughter are included in the book’s ending, which also promises another adventure dream-story soon, “A First Christmas; Friends and Festivity.”

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