Self-Published Book Review of the Week: The Student Prophet: Initiation Rites

The Student Prophet: Initiation Rites

by James Nicholas Logue

This self-published book was recently reviewed by

As a psychologist and reviewer I found this book to be an incredible read. I have many friends who are clairvoyants and psychics and yet I never believed their ability. The author has reached into a world that is unknown to most.

Jeff Fitzpatrick is a young man who has a gift to see what is coming. Many will pass him off as “crazy.” There are in our world special people who can “see” what is coming. Through the help of angels and strength they learn to use this talent to help others.

Trying to fit into college and have fun with his friends, Jeff realizes that many times he sees what is going to happen. He doesn’t understand how or why, but he knows it gives him the “willies.” Yet at the same time, he knows that he must let someone know of his dreams.

He works with the FBI and has found that it is difficult to be in school, have a life and work for the FBI. Yet his dreams will not let him go. He also finds that God has a different purpose for him in life. Is he prepared for this? Is his family?

“The Student Prophet: Initiation Rites” by James Nicholas Logue is a great book that captures you from the first pages and you can’t put it down.

For more information or to order the book, visit the author’s webpage:

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