You already know that eBook publishing is the wave of the future. You have already set your book up on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK. You may have even gone the extra effort to publish to a few other eReaders along the way. You’ve seen a bit of success but maybe not enough to write home about. You’ve been following the advice of various book marketing gurus, but you still aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for. You’re not aiming to be the next Amanda Hocking, but you do want to at least earn enough to nicely supplement your income.

If you’ve stuck with publishing to eReaders, you may not be tapping your full potential. There’s actually an audience of eBook readers who don’t actually own an eReader – Apple iPad/iPhone owners. While there have been nearly 15 million iPads  (as of January 2011, according to Tablet PC Review) and 70 million iPhones (as of September 2010, according to OSX Daily) sold, this is a pretty exclusive group and a group that every self-publishing author should be “in the face” of.

So, why do you care about this market? I’ll tell you why…

  1. There are a lot of people in this “niche market”.
  2. Reading a book on an iPad/iPhone is much cooler than reading on any other device.
  3. Publishing on the iPad/iPhone is affordable. You can turn to sites like Smashwords to get your book out there at no cost to you. Or, if you’d prefer a more “hands off” approach, you can pay a professional to do it. Outskirts Press offers iPad/iPhone publishing at a very reasonable price.
Have you taken advantage of the opportunity to get your eBook in the hands of this exclusive market? What results have you seen?
Elise works as the Manager of Author Support of Outskirts Press.  She also contributes to the Outskirts Press blog at Elise and a group of talented book marketing experts assist not only published Outskirts Press authors, but also all authors and professionals who are interested in getting the best possible exposure for their book.