What You Need to Know About the Amazon Kindle Price-Fixing Case

Amazon Kindle DX
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In a mid-October letter to customers, Amazon pledged partial refunds to Kindle ebook buyers after a tentative agreement by three publishers to settle a price-fixing, anti-trust case. The publishers, Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster, were accused in a suit brought by the U.S. Department of Justice of colluding to keep ebook prices artificially high by blacklisting other retailers who sold books at lower prices.

Around Oct. 13, Kindle customers received notification from Amazon that book publishers Hachette, Harper Collins, and Simon & Schuster had tentatively settled their antitrust lawsuit concerning Kindle ebook prices. Under the settlements, the publishers agreed to provide funds for a credit that will be applied directly to customers’ Amazon.com accounts, pending Court approval in February 2013.

We have good news. You are entitled to a credit for some of your past e-book purchases as a result of legal settlements between several major e-book publishers and the Attorneys General of most U.S. states and territories, including yours. You do not need to do anything to receive this credit. We will contact you when the credit is applied to your Amazon.com account.

Rebate credits can be used to purchase Kindle books or print books. The amount of individual credits isn’t known, but the Attorneys General estimate that it will range from $0.30 to $1.32 for each eligible Kindle book purchased between April 2010 and May 2012.

Apple, Penguin and MacMillan were also named in the price-fixing, anti-trust lawsuit, but continue to fight the case. We will keep you posted on the resolution of that case.

Elise works as the Manager of Author Support of Outskirts Press.  She also contributes to the Outskirts Press blog at blog.outskirtspress.com.Elise and a group of talented book marketing experts assist self-publishing authors and professionals who are interested in getting the best possible exposure for their book.

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