Top 5 Ways Self-Publishing Authors Can Take Advantage of Social Media Day

Today is Social Media Day. All around the world people are celebrating the birth of social media and its impact on society. Did you know that self-publishing authors can use this day to their advantage? Today is a perfect day to get involved in social media if you haven’t already.

Here are some of the top 5 ways that you can get involved on social media sites and take advantage of Social Media Day:

1. Create a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, or any other account that may suit your fancy).

2. Re-activate your social media accounts so that you can reconnect with long lost friends.

3. Go to a local Social Media Day event and meet some new people.

4. Post helpful, non-promotional messages on your social media profiles. Vow not to promote your book for the entire day.

5. Start planning a social media party (Twitter parties are the most common) for your book or just for fun!

Keep in mind – the purpose of social media is to connect with others and have a good time. As long as you maintain a certain level of authenticity across your profiles, relationships and possibly new people who are interested in your book may result from your efforts.

So, get out there and enjoy Social Media Day 2011!

One thought on “Top 5 Ways Self-Publishing Authors Can Take Advantage of Social Media Day

  1. I never knew there was a social media day, let alone public events! For authors social media is absolutely essential. Building up a fan base ensures that readership will spread and future launches will be more profitable. Thanks for the great post.

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