Kindle, iPad, ebooks and your self-publishing future

Much discussion surrounds the future of ebook readers in the digital publishing world with the Kindle, iPad, and the upcoming release of the Google Book Store. Will e-books replace libraries and bound copies of books? Who’s to say? According to the Wall Street Journal, ebooks will account for 8.5% of all book sales this year.

But that’s really not the question; as authors, let’s step outside the box.

Think of e-books as an opportunity to tease. With a lower purchase price and more immediate gratification, many readers are inclined to give an e-book a try when they might pass on a traditional paperback, especially in the non-fiction and how-to genres. Instantly accessible information has its place, even though it is far from “everyplace”. And doubtful it ever will be. If readers like your e-book, chances are good they’ll end up purchasing the hardcopy book, anyway.

You can create an ebook on your own, but most full-service self-publishing firms will include that step for you. Many will for free.

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