Self-publishing, Obama, and the American Economy

The New York Times reported today that the US lost almost 500,000 more jobs in June 2009. “These numbers are indicative of a continued, very severe recession,” commendted Stuart Hoffman of PNC Financial Services in Pittsburgh. Pressure continues to weigh the Obama administration and its $787 billion stimulus plan, while some economists call for an additional round of government stimulus dollars.


I attended a conference recently where one speaker notably remarked, “People tell me there is a recession. I simply choose not to participate.”

Sure, we’ve seen some disturbing fallout over the past year, but it’s time to move the accident from the road and press on the gas pedal. The efficiency, timeliness, and effectiveness in advancements provided through independent and self-publishing offers authors the opportunity for their own stimulus package. Businesses leaders, entrepreneurs,  industry experts, speakers, and more are finding book publishing as an avenue to promote themselves and their work, leading to growth, credibility, and investment dollars, not to mention the ancillary benefit of ongoing royalties on book sales.

No-brainer? Give it a shot. Adversity engenders growth, and self publishing at the edge of the envelope. Don’t miss the train.

Karl Schroeder

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